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Aprioris Psychological Health Services!

Aprioris is a private practice with offices in Skokie and Park Ridge, Illinois. We offer psychological health services and counseling services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to work with you to regain equilibrium in a world filled with significant stress and anxiety. Working together, we identify and overcome obstacles — such as issues associated with low self-esteem, child development concerns, sleep disorders and concerns with sexual orientation — that prevent you from achieving life satisfaction and personal success. The basis of our work is built on the finding that when people become more aware of the underlying forces driving their needs, wishes, and feelings, they can begin to make choices that ultimately bring them satisfaction and fulfillment. Additionally, we work with you on enhancing new coping skills and strategies to decrease feelings associated with anxiety, depression and stress that can often get in the way of making optimally healthy decisions that will result in bringing you the satisfaction and fulfillment you desire.

Individual Therapy

for those with anxiety, brain injury, compulsive eating disorders, depression, trauma, sleep disorders and other issues.

Group Therapy

encompasses subjects like social anxiety, college prep., emotional focus, sexual orientation, compulsive eating and LGBT.

Play Therapy

covers child-centered therapy, parent-child therapy, and parent guidance.

Developmental Disabilities Therapy

focuses on increasing impulse control and providing schools and families with tools to address special needs such as compulsive eating, child development, sexual orientation and self esteem.

Acquired Brain Injury Therapy

addresses both emotional and cognitive recovery after a stroke, traumatic brain injury and/or brain surgery, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


range from neurobehavioral screenings, personality assessment, IQ & LD testing and ADD/ADHD evaluation followed by treatment tailored to the individual.