Psychological Health Services

Our professional therapy services include:

individual therapy Individual Therapy
for those with anxiety, brain injury, compulsive eating disorders, depression, trauma, sleep disorders and other issues.
group therapy Group Therapy
encompasses subjects like social anxiety, college prep., emotional focus, sexual orientation, compulsive eating and LGBT.
individual therapy Play Therapy
covers child-centered therapy, parent-child therapy, and parent guidance.
individual therapy Developmental Disabilities Therapy
focuses on increasing impulse control and providing schools and families with tools to address special needs such as compulsive eating, child development, sexual orientation and self esteem.
individual therapy Acquired Brain Indury Therapy
addresses both emotional and cognitive recovery after a stroke, traumatic brain injury and/or brain surgery, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
individual therapy Assessments
range from neurobehavioral screenings, personality assessment, IQ & LD testing and ADD/ADHD evaluation followed by treatment tailored to the individual.

When to Pursue Psychotherapy

Major life changes such as divorce, losing a loved one, or becoming unemployed can be overwhelming. It can be particularly difficult when balancing the challenges of having a family, experiencing sleep disorders, dealing with issues like sexual orientation or social anxiety or receiving a diagnosis such as ADHD, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or brain injury.

At Aprioris, we provide psychological and counseling services for situational stresses as well as for ongoing struggles. We help by offering psychological testing, developing insight into problems, assisting in change, and providing support as needed. Our dedicated and professional staff genuinely care about your welfare and will work with you on your behalf.

We understand that starting the process of receiving help for personal issues can be difficult, and we have the highest respect for our clients. We pursue excellence in care and work hard to maintain uncompromising standards to meet individual goals.